All some role-playing games for kids


We all understand so important it is for the child, particularly the role-playing game. In it, he models the your situations of a lives, finds a technique out of them, learning to communicate, preparing for adult your. It can be said that during a role-play in the baby's socialization occurs to approximately extent - a accumulation of social experience and its application.

Expand fantasy role playing kid develop his horizons. With these games It is possible to even organize a baby's education. In addition, role-playing games may provide a wealth of knowledge on so children see their family relationships in her that he likes, or, conversely, are concerned. Watching a baby's play, It is possible to draw conclusions approximately a developmental and mental well-being of a newborn, his character and temperament.

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With the "teapot" to "nick"


1-2 years

At this age, children are actively cultivating it, as it do sense to pay note to the formation of a separate communication skills. Encourage a baby to talk on the phone with my grandma (or friends), along the method taught him to respect certain rules of conversation: 1st to say hello, so ask, so are you, tell a news and be sure to say goodbye at a end of a conversation.

Telephone communication helps cultivate phonemic ("voice") Hearing and seeing no articulation mimics the interlocutor, a baby will enjoy to listen closely to his words.

Featuring child cartoons, choose stories with simple and realistic, and then carefully discuss what you see. Runtime - no more than 10 min.

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Part of a carefully.


There is a simple universal technique for promoting the development of pupil's heartiness - is adherence to a time. It is a sufficient amount of sleep and the request to walk outside. A dream is nothing to append, talk size it all: teachers, moms and dads, the leading television programs. However for walking, then, for approximately cause, we enjoy not decided to let infants go out of the dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in a street, unfavorable company, unavailability of the newborn immediately later the walk taken for homework - all compelling, but only parents invented arguments. Читать полностью -->

Can I color my thin hair nursing?


As well, nursing mums who keep decided to change a hair color, you demand to keep in mind what may be quite varied, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In the case, the selection is his mum. Of course, nice and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At the like time, gerls during pregnancy and lactation on a fine and harmonious nature, for in this way to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic demands.

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