Moms share a experience: children's dowry


Changing table / chest of drawers - on this subject is not one recommendation. Some are changing the board, placing it on top of the bed, and someone handy variant with a dresser, because after a time of swaddling is a functional a small piece of furniture - a dresser.



Bought a third newborn to a appearance:

1. Dresser with a changing desk - a desk served us up to 3 months, after which he became just a locker)

2. Pampers 3 gm 5 kilogram, single of a smallest sizing diaper, wet wipes, fluent newborn soap - it all came back yet in a hospital. Later, try baby soap-scum and apply as far only to them.

3. Ring sling - had a bad experience with a carriage with a older babies and a fifth wood floor with no elevator)

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Mothers share your experience: hair leaving after giving birthday




Shorter nails, thin hair trimmed every 30 days. Drink vitamins for hair, nails, because everything is inside.


dochina mom

I drank calcium! a effect was not long in coming! More tar shampoo bad hair stronger, however, a specific smell...))

All tips with mothers

That thin hair was thick and lovely, a aging body should not be short of iron, sulfur, folic acid, zinc and vitamin B12. So in the food need comprise foods high in these substances. For example, raw carrots, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, spinach, seaweed. Nursing mum need avoid smoked, salted and pickled foods. When brittle nails must to eat more dairy products (like dumplings), because you are rich in calcium.



I drank vitamin with calcium, eat cheese (yes, he told me not bored during pregnancy), soap head herbal decoctions.

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Cons stroller:

The only disadvantage of carriages, which I found - it is still too heavy. But I'm scared to imagine what would get been hard Emmaljunga, when she put a newborn.

I also looked at moms who bought stroller with swivel wheels. I enjoy to make an effort to turn around, and they - no. But on a other mitt, my wheels easily go on the road, and turning - have stuck and clog. And sometimes rattle. So there's a double-edged sword.

And I understood the main thing: stroller need, first of all, visually like mommy! Then troll it and be lovely! And even if a operation you will find any minor flaws, good looks all smooth.

My summary: This stroller is perfect for our roads are not always cleared for the harsh winter and for moms who are attracted to a classics. Читать полностью -->

Tips for moms and dads


Permanent illness of a child, how mentioned above, are associated not only with little immunity. One of a decisive factors in addition to other is a psychological state of a child. So, parents need try to minimize all the annoyances. What do you require?

• Respect for the time.

• A balanced ration.

• Charging, aqua and air tempering procedure, starting from a second week after recovery.

• goodness night's sleep (count weekends, as a lot of hours need a baby to sleep, and during a 7 days put him to sleep at a time similar that in the morning he got his rule, in case of fatigue necessarily put a baby to sleep of the school).

• At least an hour of time to communicate with the baby and play every time (at this hour will not assess a homework!).

• Forever breathing exercises.

• A doctor's prescription - bracing massotherapy.

• Clothing done of capacity organic fabrics (specifically if the newborn is suffering autonomic disturbances).

• Compliance with the standard rules of hygiene.

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Mums share the experience: a bag to the hospital


Before delivery

If you choose to pre-hospital, be sure to ask what kind of things are permitted to bring on labor. The fact is that each hospital rules and conditions which need be guided by collecting bag. However it is better to agree in advance. In any case, this list is usually extremely limited. Later you will understand that none of you will not be wearing a bag of pre-natal office to a family so in the post-partum. You yourself will forget where it was put, came to a hospital. Читать полностью -->

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