Pneumonia in children


A newborn newborn can have pneumonia very diverse ways. Microbe can enter his lungs even when in the womb (congenital pneumonia), at a time of birth, or with an infected person of the birth. List of agents of the disease in children is much broader than that of older infants. Even a most common cold-blooded viruses can cause pneumonia in immunocompromised child newborn.

Frequently pneumonia in children is caused by a herpes virus and chlamydia, inhaled with a sick mum. During pneumonia in these little children is gravely, frequently askes moving to a exceptional ward and even resuscitation. Fortunately, nowadays death from pneumonia was a rare event, with timely to see a doctor all infants recover.

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Part of a carefully.


There is a simple universal technique for promoting the development of pupil's heartiness - is adherence to a time. It is a sufficient amount of sleep and the request to walk outside. A dream is nothing to append, talk size it all: teachers, moms and dads, the leading television programs. However for walking, then, for approximately cause, we enjoy not decided to let infants go out of the dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in a street, unfavorable company, unavailability of the newborn immediately later the walk taken for homework - all compelling, but only parents invented arguments. Читать полностью -->

Mums share their experience: infants's dowry


Buggy - not all consider it a necessity, you can buy and following birth.



Home to get some diaper raspashonok, means for balneum, diapers and wipes

Actually, it is a bare minimum! All

Properly, if a car seat.

Let me explain - diapers and wipes may not approach. A baby may be born extremely small or much great. How do not stock up on clothes in wild numbers.

Sleeping bags - anything comfortable, but if a child is old so do not.

Stroller, crib - as well come with time and are not necessary things.

With the 1-st son of a very handy pad on the changing table. From the second desk was not)), and there was no effect)) did not die))

A second was a general chair and cot - and the rest to a minimum))) bottles and breast pump bought then when a problems began, a scale is also needed - will enjoy given

So append to Sawwe - importantly mother and what to make of a hospital)))

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A power of attraction


To a baby has an unhealthy attraction to video games, you claim quite a long time, yet with a whole bunch of varied factors.

Positive reinforcement

However a rule, familiarity with the baby in some miracle of technology starts at the moment when her mother tries to get him to quickly eat porridge or, for example, to calm, waiting for their turn to see a medic. Pretty soon the method to solve problems is the fastest, efficient and, why, the only one. Complete time, moms and dads begin to apply the gadget in the educational purposes and ofttimes deprive a baby of a coveted "toys" for bad behavior. Forbidden raspberries is known to be confection, and as a effect of a normal "plastic box with a monitor" turns the baby into a biggest source of pleasure.

Example of parents

Adult conducting free time on social networks, perceived by the child how a person engaged in some interesting, though not very clear case. If the kid had never seen my mum with a book, and my father, for example, with a screwdriver, it is this - "computer" - leisure, he begins to consider is organic and it is absolutely just a most fun.

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However old makeup differs with winter


Protect our aging body from external influences - one of the basic functions of a skin. Why, during a year it has to substitute, adjusting to seasonal changes in a environment. Support a heartiness and fine of the facial skin and thus, helps correct home service.

A warmer is on a street, a more our face requires extra moisture. Dense nutrient serum, which supports the facial skin in winter, in source it is no longer however great, it is time to switch to a lighter in texture means. In a source it is already possible to apply serum, emulsion, which are easily engrossed and does not aggravate the face. Those who work in a office, must be reserved by thermal aqua. Читать полностью -->

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