Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, cottage cheese souffle

500 g of curds,

200 grams of buckwheat,

4 cups of milk,

200 g a butter,

3 eggs

1/2 a cup of saccharose,

Saline to tasting.

Wipe a dumplings in a blender, mix buckwheat and sifted through a sieve. Milk to seethe. Absorb a buckwheat floury in the milk, throw in the the butter. Until the resulting mixing is languishing, separate yolks with whites. Combine a cooled mass with grated dumplings, eggs yolks and sugar and mix well. Chilled whites beaten with saline and evenly pour them into the basic cheese and buckwheat mixing. Читать полностью -->

Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, curds souffle

500 grams of cottage cheese,

200 g of buckwheat,

4 cups of milk,

200 g natural butter,

3 eggs

Half a cup of sugar,

Sol to tasting.

Wipe the cheese in a blender, cut buckwheat and sifted done a sieve. Natural milk to boil. Absorb a buckwheat mealy in the natural milk, append the a butter. Until the resulting mixture is languishing, separate yolks with whites. Combine a cooled weight with grated dumplings, eggs yolks and sugar and combine comfortably. Chilled whites beaten with saline and evenly pour them into the general cheese and buckwheat mixing. Читать полностью -->

Father at school


In the end, all told at a parent teacher meeting is not a direct guide to action, as upon returning home do not beginning actively educate infants with a doorway. Babies in a case should not be afraid of a returns from a meeting! To think of of a information indispensable to adequately and divide all seen and heard on a specifics of a kindergarten, temperament and age of the teacher.

Always remember that a problems in kindergarten (and school) possess the kid and like every teacher is simply unrealistic. The job so a wise and loving father - to strive to win the trust of a child. After getting rid of the fear of being punished and humiliated, child stop hiding with you all your faults. And at a next meeting to hear the future To wishlist to a son or daughter, you can proudly and confidently say that along solved this problem with a child. Then it is gravely and unpredictable case end up with a father's absolute triumph.

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Pneumonia in babies


A newborn child can have pneumonia highly diverse ways. Microbe may enter his lungs even when in the womb (congenital pneumonia), at a time of birth, or from an infected person of the birth. List of agents of the disease in children is much broader than that of older babies. Even the most common cold viruses may cause pneumonia in immunocompromised newborn child.

Frequently pneumonia in babies is caused by the herpes virus and chlamydia, inhaled with a sick mother. During pneumonia in these little children is hard, frequently takes moving to a special ward and even resuscitation. Fortunately, nowadays death from pneumonia was a rare event, with timely to see a medical man all infants recover.

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Can chocolate nursing?


During fresh-feeding mums do a lot of stretches hand to something confection, since natural milk production is lots of glucose with the mum's blood, and from the lack of it can cause headaches, depressed mood and fatigue. A body, as an intelligent self-regulating system immediately delivers this signal, and a mom may alone listen to his "voice." Meet this require a variety of ways: some close desiccated melon, some replenish cakes and biscuits, and someone ofttimes recalls a delightful taste of chocolate.

Since ancient minutes, it was observed that chocolate is an effective inducer of good emotions, and the ancient Aztecs believed that he gives strength and wisdom. Thanks therein active chemicals antidepressants, like caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine, chocolate attributed a lot of positive affinity. For example, current scientists possess proved that chocolate helps produce seratonin - a hormone of happiness, and its flavor - secretory immunoglobulin A - an serious component of antiviral defense. Chocolate is also rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. A chief plus use the well-known delicacy (in addition, of course, enjoying a lovely tasting) - reducing a likelihood of atherosclerosis. Читать полностью -->

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