What a father should teach his son


Do not be afraid to ask

If the waiter brought another ordering, do not be silent. If a chef overdone, do not be silent. Never hesitate to demand what you paid for, or that you want. If my wife asks what to cook for dinner, always answer. Never say, "Oh, I do not know... I do not upkeep, make that she need...".

Learn to negotiate

Having negotiation skills, It is possible to always get correct. Always strive to trade and to accomplish exactly the price they expected. Strive to pay in cash. With your money in mitt, you possess a better chance to bend the line.


In fact, the journey does not make you complete, but it gives you a experience and the opportunity to see however a rest of a living world. You will always be anything to tell your friends and babies.

Think positively

Always and everywhere trying to find a positive method. Do not despair.

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