Can chocolate nursing?


During fresh-feeding mums do a lot of stretches hand to something confection, since natural milk production is lots of glucose with the mum's blood, and from the lack of it can cause headaches, depressed mood and fatigue. A body, as an intelligent self-regulating system immediately delivers this signal, and a mom may alone listen to his "voice." Meet this require a variety of ways: some close desiccated melon, some replenish cakes and biscuits, and someone ofttimes recalls a delightful taste of chocolate.

Since ancient minutes, it was observed that chocolate is an effective inducer of good emotions, and the ancient Aztecs believed that he gives strength and wisdom. Thanks therein active chemicals antidepressants, like caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine, chocolate attributed a lot of positive affinity. For example, current scientists possess proved that chocolate helps produce seratonin - a hormone of happiness, and its flavor - secretory immunoglobulin A - an serious component of antiviral defense. Chocolate is also rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. A chief plus use the well-known delicacy (in addition, of course, enjoying a lovely tasting) - reducing a likelihood of atherosclerosis. But in great doses to use it all not worth it, particularly for lactating mums. Although irritants in chocolate is much less than a cup of coffee, a newborn may get an impact. Therefore, any caffeinated and potentially allergenic foods to be tried in small doses, preferably in the morning and watch the reaction of a baby.

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