Varicella or chickenpox.


This is perhaps a most comfortably-known disease that may not go unnoticed. For the typical chickenpox rash vezikulopustuleznaya (an infection of the skin), which may not be confused with other infections. Feature of the disease is a contagious disease that is 95%. In other words, if before the child was sick with chickenpox, after exposure to an infected person will catch it in 95% of cases. When in kindergarten or property will be at least one kid with chickenpox, you can declare a quarantine.

Typically, chickenpox affects infants at an early age, so early how kindergarten, but possibly disease in later life. And the older a child, the more severe the disease can occur. Today, there is a vaccine against chicken pox, for apply with 2 years and able to prevent a disease. Approximately whether or not to apply this technique of preventing your baby, is to consult a pediatrician. Certain specific drugs for a treatment of varicella in infants, however a rule, are not used. Antiviral drugs with the group of acyclovir may be prescribed by a physician in severe or complicated cases. It must be noted that the brilliant green or a similar tool to help relieve the itching and prevent infection. Feature as well lies in the fact that during a illness to varicella are immune, so chickenpox occurs alone one time in his life. How, a virus is inactive forever remain in a body and in the distant future may manifest itself in the shape of herpes zoster.

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